Do we dare invade the solemn assembly of the birds on the fence waiting expectantly for the democratic primary?  I’m really not surprised that Hillary and Obama are front runners.  I will hold my comments on Obama till later, but I must open my mouth and strike my pen to paper. 

Herein lies a curse of no minute proportions.  God’s people are warned of judgment in Isaiah 3, and one of the judgments was that “children are their oppressors and women rule over them” (V. 12).  In verses 1-3, God promises to take food, water, mighty men, men of war, judge, prophet, prudent and the ancient, the captain of fifty, honorable, counselor, cunning artificer and the eloquent orator.

Can we not see this prophecy coming true in America as well?  Could it be that we have digressed so much that we would elect a woman as the leader of the greatest nation on earth? 

Men are under attack in this country more than ever before.  They are ridiculed, defamed, denounced, accused and rejected; then children, novices, women and imbeciles take their place, to the applause and approval of most people. Why do we not want men?  Why do we gravitate to effeminacy?  The answer is so simple it’s inescapable.  The actions of Romans 1: 21-32 are being repeated again:
     1.  V.21 - They relegate God to a creation of their own
     2.  V.22 - Profess themselves to be wise, they become fools
     3.  V.23 - Change the glory of the incorruptible God into the image of man
     4.  V.25 - Change the truth of God into a lie (numerous translations)
     5.  V.27 - Sodomites proliferate
     6.  V.28 - Will not retain God in their knowledge
     7.  V.28 (b) - They are turned over to reprobate minds

Sad, but judgment is not coming, it is happening NOW.

Women ‘preachers’ have mounted pulpits and have become extremely popular with many so-called Bible believers (not Bible students).  Those  who are not following women are following novices and hirelings.  I always said the average assembly does not want a man in the pulpit, but a novice or a novelty.  Translated, that means an ignoramus or a clown, and most have succeeded in getting just what they want. So, as the houses of worship have yielded to the spirit of feminism, so our nation may soon do the same.  God spare us this shame.  Even if Mrs. Clinton were a deserving lady, she still has no place in the presidency, or for that matter, in her present office.

I would be highly disappointed if she won the election but not surprised, for Americans are easily bamboozled by rhetoric from a woman.  Mrs. Clinton has high hopes, but pray for God to have mercy and spare us the embarrassment and circus antics that would prevail if she were to become Mrs. President.  Every man in America should stand against such a thing!  Well though, I guess every MAN will!  What a shame to all America that she even has a chance at the White House.

Dr. Larry W. Montgomery